Scholarship Application: please read carefully

You should consider applying if you are a female high achiever with strong leadership potential, and meet the criteria below:

  1. Have English proficiency as required by the educational institution to which you are applying.
  2. Achieved a high school average of 80% or above.
  3. Are passionate about making the world a better place.
  4. Have low family income.

Applicants who are awarded scholarships must abide by these conditions, which include (but may not be limited to the following):

  1. Complete your university program. If you drop out, you must reimburse all tuition benefits received to the Foundation.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 out of 4.00 for continuation of the scholarship each semester.
  3. Submit grades to the Foundation as soon as they are received. This is mandatory.
  4. Maintain full time student status each semester.
  5. Endeavor to participate in college life, activities, and events both in and out of college.
  6. Meet all the requirements of the educational institution and the laws of the country.

Please ensure you submit all documentation requested so that we can evaluate your application quickly.

Please only complete this application once, with as much information as possible including attachments.

If you have additional information AFTER you complete the application, including any attachments, please email to

By submitting this application form, you agree that you have read the above and accept the conditions.


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