We are a federally registered charitable organization in Canada. Our purpose is to empower young women, primarily in the Global South, by providing scholarships for post-secondary education.

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We aim to lift such young women, their families and their communities out of the cycle of poverty by igniting a spark of hope. We also believe that empowering young women, especially those from countries in turmoil, strengthens local communities and is key to creating long-term transformational change.

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Our focus is on bright young women who demonstrate leadership potential, but lack the financial means to afford a quality university-level education.

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By working closely with our on-ground partner in the student’s country of origin and our university partners, we help such young women secure the funding they require to pursue university programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and PhD levels.

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  • Our emphasis on developing women leaders;

  • our focus on the Global South, especially areas of conflict or those that are under-served;

  • the financial support we leverage from our on-ground partners and university affiliations, generally on a 1 : 8 ratio;

  • our strong on-ground assistance for selection, screening and supporting students;

  • involvement that begins before university, and continues during and after university;

  • our access to full scholarships at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and Doctorate levels.


Over the next 10 years, our goal is to support 1,000 young women leaders to achieve university education, at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and PhD levels. We’d love your support in making their dreams come true!


students at all levels


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10-year fundraising target


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Our Board of Directors provides governance, oversight and long term strategic guidance

Board of Directors:

Doug Lawson, Chair
Doug Lawson, Chair
Sadia Zaman
Sadia Zaman
Vina Nadjibulla

Founder and CEO:

Narmin Ismail
Narmin Ismail

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.

In addition to our Board of Directors, there are many other volunteers who support our efforts through their on-going hard work. We are deeply grateful!