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transformative IMPACT BY women leaders

By providing scholarships for post-secondary education, the Spark of Hope Foundation empowers bright young women from the Global South, especially in regions that are in turmoil or remote regions, to become tomorrow’s leaders. 

By selecting and then investing in the post-secondary education of bright young women from developing countries, we ensure equal access to education and promote lifelong learning opportunities. An inclusive and equitable quality education reduces the gender-based disparity that exists in developing countries. This allows for better policy decisions and interventions in those countries which in turn accelerates their development in a more sustained manner.

With university education, each of them is already beginning to impact thousands of lives as doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, managers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and teachers. 


Our uniqueness

  • Our focus on developing women leaders in order to address pervasive gender based inequity
  • Our emphasis on the Global South, especially areas of conflict or those that are under-served
  • The financial support we leverage from our on-ground partners and university affiliations, generally on a 1:7 ratio
  • Our strong on-ground assistance for selection, screening and supporting students
  • Involvement that begins before university, and continues during and after university

From our
donors and Partners

We are delighted to support the Foundation as it enables young women from the developing world to achieve their dreams and aspirations of getting an excellent university education. It is heartening to see these young women already becoming leaders in their communities and countries.

Leila and Sheraz Datoo, Toronto, ON

Education is the foundation upon which societies are able to progress. Empowering young women to become leaders of tomorrow by providing scholarships uplifts communities and makes the impossible, possible. I am proud to support this organization and help young women achieve their dreams.

Zahra Nurmohamed, Toronto, ON

I am impressed with the results that the Spark of Hope Foundation has been able to achieve - one girl, one placement at a time - in such a short period. The impact these girls are making in the world is not measured in dollars but in generations to come. They will be mothers to the world. We need to nurture them so that they in turn nurture the world we are leaving behind. Well done!

Yasmin Virani, Mississauga, ON

Even though tuition fees are heavily subsidized by UCA, it is still a challenge for many students. SoHF scholarships help selected students graduate debt-free and reduce their personal financial commitment. More students are applying in the hope of securing SoHF scholarships.

Nasir Pirani, University of Central Asia

Our alumnae

We support bright young women who demonstrate leadership potential and have burning ambition to make an impact in the world, but lack the financial means to afford a quality university-level education.

In six years, we have 63 alumnae, seven of whom pursued medical studies, five studied in S.T.E.M. fields, and 21 received their Master’s in Education. We also have three PhD-level students who have completed their studies and are making their impact to enable a better world.

Sajida Raza, Pakistan

Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Sajida Raza - 620x637 - new

Nilufar Abdulloeva, Tajikistan

University of Information Technology and Management, Poland
Nilufar Abdulloleva - 620x637

Sonia Akhter, Pakistan

Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Sonia Akhter - 620x637 - new

Binazir Mizrobova, Kyrgyzstan

Sorbonne, France
Binazir - placeholder - 620x637

Fatema Hassanali, Kenya

University of Birmingham, UK
Fatema Hassanali- 620x637 - new

Hangoma Khodododova, Tajikistan

University of Information Technology and Management, Poland
Hangoma Khodododova - 620x637 -k (1)


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