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Being a blessing to others

Cindy's goal of pursuing a career in medicine at the Universidad Cristiana Autonoma de Nicaragua is to not only fulfill her desire to help others, but to also improve her family’s quality of life. By studying medicine, Cindy is ensuring a better life for herself and her family while also inspiring her younger siblings to work hard in the pursuit of their goals.


Improving care in refugee camps

Aya Al Sayed is a 27 year-old Palestinian refugee currently studying medicine at Lebanese American University in Beirut where she has completed four years and hopes to pursue pediatrics. “I want to come back to work in the camps. I feel at home in my community, they respect me, and I want to help them.”


Addressing the most pressing security challenges

Laylo Merali is originally from Tajikistan and moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Pursuing her education at the University of Geneva, Laylo earned a Master’s degree in international policy & security through a program that is partnered with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). This program fosters a genuinely global centre with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and fields of expertise. “I believe that stability and development are closely related – one cannot occur without the other one. I want to make a difference by ensuring that developing countries and international organizations have well-considered policies that promote stability.”


Driven by a desire to restore the environment in Syria

20-year-old May Al-Herek has been witness to atrocities people in nations at peace cannot begin to comprehend. May is from Syria, a country that has experienced civil war since 2011. ISIS controls parts of Syria’s territory and has carried out massacres near May’s hometown of Hama.In Syria, May was a top student, but with conditions deteriorating rapidly, she took the opportunity to leave the country on a scholarship to the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh with the help of a collaboration between the University and the Spark of Hope Foundation.


Promoting the training of locals in her community

Joanna is passionate about community development, particularly the development of infrastructure. She is frustrated by her country’s dependence on foreign firms to carry out local development projects while using locals as laborers, rather than passing on necessary skills and expertise. As a skilled civil engineer, Joanna plans to promote the training of locals in her community.


A passion for teaching

Tahira’s undergraduate professional studies have served as a key to achieve her goals, but she knew that to advance academically, she would need to pursue a graduate degree. She knows that her time at AKU-IED will be a key tool to help her broaden her vision and understanding as an educational professional. Tahira knows that completing her M. Ed. will allow her to serve her school and community more effectively.


Starting a school system in Northern Pakistan

The mountainous geography and harsh climate of the area where Seema Ali comes from makes it difficult for people to pursue education or secure employment. A lack of educational facilities has led to a high school dropout rate, high unemployment, and increased illegal activity and suicide rates. She developed a keen interest in the education and development of marginalized and financially disadvantaged people. Her goal is to start a school system in Northern Pakistan to make quality education accessible and affordable.


Fulfilling a dream that was ten years in the making.

When Jodi-Ann began her MBA program, she was on her way to fulfilling a dream that was ten years in the making. In 2006, she set a goal to complete a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and began working towards that goal immediately by gaining work experience and saving all her earnings to put towards her education. Her hard work paid off when, in 2015, she was accepted to the University of British Columbia.