Cindy Veliz | Nicaragua | MD | UCAN Managua

Cindy is the oldest daughter in a family of five living in Nicaragua. Her role model is her mother, who struggled to provide for her children, but persevered in the face of hardships and illness. She has a strong desire to pursue a higher education, but her mother is unable to provide the resources for a better education for her children. This only motivates Cindy more to give those opportunities to her other family members.

As a devout Christian, Cindy allows her religious beliefs to guide her in her daily life as well as her planning for the future. She is motivated by giving her best to people, which she believes is a quality that identifies her. Cindy wants her future to reflect her love of people and her religion, which has led her to a decision to pursue a career in medicine. She considers this a humanitarian career that focuses on a passion and love for providing important services for society.

Cindy’s goal for pursuing a career in medicine at the Universidad Cristiana Autonoma de Nicaragua is to not only fulfill her desire to help others, but to also improve her family’s quality of life. By studying medicine, Cindy is ensuring a better life for herself and her family while also inspiring her younger siblings to work hard in the pursuit of their goals.

Her upbringing allows Cindy to identify with the people in her community and developing communities around the world. People all around the world lack access to basic medical care and facilities, and Cindy’s desire it “to be one of the people [who] can be a blessing to all of those people, and not be just another doctor who overlooks their true needs.”

Cindy intends to bring together her knowledge of medicine and her love of God to give back by providing medical services to those in need. “This scholarship would another blessing for me, and [would motivate] me in the future to join and support organizations to help in the same way you have helped me.”

by Marissa Pura