Tahira Sher Ali | Pakistan  | MEd | Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan

After completing her intermediate education in Pakistan, Tahira began her teaching career at a community school in Northern Pakistan as a primary teacher. She gained further teaching experience at different schools and eventually joined Mehnaz Fatima Montessori and Inclusive Education Center as a language and science teacher in 2006.

Tahira worked hard to pursue an education and career as she believes in leading a meaningful life and setting high goals for herself. She always dreamed of studying in a dynamic environment at an esteemed university, so she is thrilled to have the opportunity to study the Masters of Education Program in Academic session (2015-2017) at the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) in Pakistan. For Tahira, this is a dream come true and an opportunity to fulfilling her vision of higher academic pursuits.

Tahira’s professional studies have served as a key to achieve her goals, but she knew that to advance academically, she would need to pursue a graduate degree. She knows that her time at AKU-IED will be a key tool to help her broaden her vision and understanding as an educational professional. Tahira knows that completing her M. Ed. will allow her to serve her school and community more effectively.

Tahira is lucky to have discovered her passion for teaching, as she has established a strong will and capacity to succeed, excel, and make her school and students more productive. Once she has completed her degree, she intends to revamp the academics and management at the institution she works for to bring them in line with her newfound knowledge and skills.

She wants to share her expertise with the people in Northern Pakistan and provide a quality education to the young people in her community. Last, but not least, Tahira wants to be an empowered woman for her three daughters, and in turn enabling them to be empowered women armed with a quality education.

by Marissa Pura