Guljahon Ruzadorova | Tajikistan  | BA | Wartburg College, USA

Guljahon Ruzadorova  is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management at Wartburg College in the United States. Originally from Tajikistan, Guljahon is familiar with the plight of citizens, specifically women, in developing countries. Guljahon’s family is not able to support her financially as she pursues a higher education. She knows that everyone struggles to overcome barriers in life for the sake of achieving something great in the end.

Two years ago, graduating from the United World College (UWC) of Hong Kong and studying in the USA seemed like impossible dreams to Guljahon. However, hard work, faith, and hope for a better future, allowed her to attend the UWC on a scholarship and graduate with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. This internationally recognized diploma makes it much easier for Guljahon to attend post-secondary abroad.

Guljahon does not want to settle with just following the right path to accomplish her goals; rather, she wants to forge her own way and leave a trail. She believes that leaving a trail is the outcome of all of our work and contributions, and the greater the outcome, the clearer the trail will be. She has chosen entrepreneurship and business as her path and intends to make her own mark in this field. She has already accomplished her first goal of completing a project to provide pure drinking water to 18-21 isolated households in a region of her home country.

To Guljahon, a scholarship from The Spark of Hope Foundation means a chance to make a positive impact on the world. It will allow her to pursue higher education at Wartburg College in business management and entrepreneurship. Her wish is to give back in such a way that she can have a positive impact on the world. Though she does not know what kind of business she would like to establish, Guljahon firmly believes that studying business in an economically strong country like the US would be a positive experience for her.

by Marissa Pura